Friday, May 20, 2011

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What have we been doing the last 6 months? (it's a long one)

This years family reunion was GREAT (it is always great) we had so much fun just being together. Enjoy some of my memories...

We played relay games that really tested our ability to CHEAT!!!!

We spent tons of time with Family this summer We loved it.

4th of July
Promontory point
Who knew there was such a thing as a Spiral Jetty in the Great Salt Lake??? it was built so you can see it from the sky.. WOW you reach it by driving on a VERY long VERY bumpy DIRT road.

Chasing fire trucks on the 24th of July


Holding on for dear life with JOE COOL at the wheel

Enjoying more fireworks
We had a Baby turning "2" wow he really knows he is 2. I will save proof for a later post.

We went to the fish hatchery in Kamas

Drove through the Uintahs

Played super heroes

Went to Snowbird and played all day (Thanks Brandon)

Fell and broke an Arm

Spent many days at the Zoo

And finally Tiffany got tickets to the Ellen show so we left on a whim and went to the show AWESOME!
But a trip to Southern California is NEVER complete unless you see this place.......


Monday, April 26, 2010

Oh the NAUGHTY things we do.

The kids love to take Every pillow we have in the house and make a huge pile on the living room floor. Well this night they did not get all of them but we just sat back and watched what they were going to do.....

We laughed all night they had a good time, lets hope they don't get use to it.. My Mom will be very mad when she See's what I let them do. I guess we will call this one Enjoying the Small things.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A visit to papa Percy

Rays dad had never met Brody or Dax so Ray and I thought it would be fun to drive to California and take the kids with us.... Oh boy the trip did not start so well, this is what we saw for 2 hours trying to get to Vegas. It took us 8 hours to do a 6 hour trip. We knew with the boys we would need to make the trip in 2 days. Good thing!

We waited so long someone had time to make a snowman in the inside lane of I-15

This was one of 3 accidents that cause such a mess it was a trailer pulling a double load of the Huge hay.. not the little ones the GREAT big ones we had to wait for the snowplow to clear the road and the forklift to put the hay back on.

Finally we made it to the beach. it was a gorgeous day we were so happy to find the sun.

These little baby toes are so dang cute I had to share them.

Dax LOVED the beach he didn't want shoes on and he wanted in the water......

We dug for the sand crabs and found some Brody was amazed.
Now remember how I said Daxie LOVED the beach... Brody NOT so much.! This is how he looked most of the day he wanted NOTHING to do with the water. I better tell you this was after we got hit with a wave looking for the sand crabs.. Sorry Brody Grandpa was not very good at keeping you dry. I however did a better job with Daxie.

We left and went to another beach that had the tide pools so we could see all the sea life and maybe make Brody happy. Ummmmmm not so much.

I just love this little boy he is not afraid of ANYTHING.

This is how we found the starfish we really did not move them this way.

One picture of all of us on the beach notice how Brody wants to hang on for dear life.

After a long day of crying Brody had had it. He wanted to ''Just go to our home" he kept saying he kind of made me sad. he will now tell you he wants to go to the beach so a 10 hour road trip must do something to the mind.
The boys loved meeting Papa Percy and Papa Percy was happy to meet them. Brody just followed him around asking questions...
Coming home we stopped at Tiffany's house again to break up the drive and we love to go to the Green Valley Resort with the buffet you get all the crab legs you want and boy does Ray love Crab.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wow! What have we been doing?

Hello from the Hogle Zoo. Last Saturday was a perfect day to go to the Zoo not to hot or to cold.. We did not know if the kids would like it or not but they ended up having a great time.
The peacock would never raise his tail for us but still very pretty.

Brody likes the Snakes, me NOT SO MUCH..
Ray and Brody stood and watched the Lion for a long time this new part of the zoo is very nice not feeling so bad that our taxes are going for this.

Dax loved being able to just run in the building were the Giraffes are he wanted to climb in with them.

It really was a beautiful day to play.

The little baby elephant Zuri is so cute and just stays right by her Mommy.
While still being stuck in the house from the cold Brody thought he could make his own fun by jumping into the pillow off of Grandmas bed little did he know that the window sill was hiding behind them and when he jumped he got a BIG surprise.... No stitches but LOTS of blood.

We took a road trip so Grandma Little could visit with her Sister and Brother in Kemmerer Wy. They are so cute together.

My Mom and Dad still love each other after all these years.

Brody turned 3!! I am pretty sure he is growing WAY to fast. He is going to be a Rock Star.

Daxie learned to walk and always wants his coat on so we can go outside but he never wants his clothes on.
For Christmas we got a Ice cream maker so we like to try new kinds each week too bad it ALL tastes GREAT. Brody can't stand waiting for it to get done, he sit like this the entire 15 minutes Thank goodness it only takes that long.

Dax didn't really like Santa this year, Santa came to see us at my Mom and Dads ward Christmas party this year.

Everything was good for Ray this year.

The boys loved Christmas and since that is what it is all about we had lots of smiles.